October 23rd, 2005


Damn You, Densha!

Two things. Southwest Airlines is coming to Denver. Yay, cheap airfares!

Second thing. I think I've almost got this Japanese TV show formula worked out. First of all, it's always about love -- there is no other emotion of any significance. Or about infatuation, or whatever (it's TV, same difference). And, of course, the two people have to be total mismatches. Mechanics dating pilots, classy rich girls dating otakus, cats and dogs living together, you get the idea. But the most important thing... About two thirds of the way through, somebody has to get sick or injured and be in some sort of personal or professional peril, cuz, you know, this kind of story has only got about six or seven episodes of life in it, so you gotta have some sort of artificial plot complication to get the series long enough to fit that eleven-episode slot. Oh, and did I mention giant robots? I always forget to mention giant robots.

So release the last fansubbed episode of Densha Otoko, dammit... I'm addicted to this bloody formula already.

Oh, and incidentally, GETS!
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Damn You, Densha!

You've stolen my sleep away from me.

"It's either real or it's a dream...
There's nothing that is in between...
Twilight... I only meant to stay a while..."
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