October 16th, 2005


Very Tired

Hrmph. Tired.

Got up exceptionally early to go to a friend's birthday party (actually, it was a party for two friends). And tomorrow, I have to get up early for a movie night hosted by one of those people. Of course, after that, I can take a nap. Tonight, no such luck. Tonight, I have to work.

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Hey, They Won One

This one I attribute (ironically) to getting the offense back. Missing Roaf and Welbourn on the offensive line probably hurt them more than anything else could have. I still think they would have lost in Denver (damn them and their annoyingly loud fans in the apartment upstairs), but the Philadelphia game was winnable.

Of course, I was dead asleep for the game; no chance of actually watching, listening, or otherwise witnessing this one. Still, wish I had cable for the highlights -- but not enough to actually pay for it.

[The tiny language-competent part of my brain thinks that maybe the last two syllables of my title should be one of those repeated Japanese words, like "choko choko" or "goro goro" -- ignoring the fact that the vowel in question doesn't actually exist in Japanese, the sound a happy fan makes: "wun wun". You can feel free to shun me now.]
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Waste Of A Few Minutes

So, I've been futzing around with OkCupid (yes, the site that is the origin of a large number of the quizzes that float around here on LJ). Why? Because I was tired and bored at work, was taking one of the quizzes, and got sucked in (the other option was playing angband all night to stay awake. Or watching DVDs. Which I almost did, actually, but the thing about watching DVDs so much at work is that you get tired of it. Or at least I do, despite the delicious Zatoichi goodness I've been watching lately).

Anyway, I'm actually rather fascinated with the site, in rather the same way that I'm fascinated with Friendster (I mean, a fairly cool concept, reasonably cool to play with for long, time-wasting stretches -- but ultimately I get bored with it after a while, and then pretty much ignore it, as it doesn't really have any practical use for me). In this case, I spent a fair amount of time amusing myself with the quizzes, and generally screwing around on the site. I'm actually rather fascinated with the matching system it has (yes, it's more or less primarily an online dating site, if the name didn't make it obvious), and I can see some rather obvious flaws with it, but it's clever nonetheless, and presumably better than what other online dating sites have (although I don't actually know that with any certainly. I don't plan on paying any money to any of them to find out, either. Or, really, bothering to find out even if it didn't cost me any money).

Of course, I was rather amused to find out that most of my "nearby" top matches live in Boulder, with the balance in or about Denver. Not a single one lives in Colorado Springs. I don't find this particularly surprising, as I can't imagine anyone remotely like me staying in Colorado Springs for very long (I didn't -- not to say that I don't have any friends there, but the friends I do have there are nothing whatsoever like me).

For the record, my, er, dating type is apparently the Slow Dancer. I don't particularly mind it, except for the awful name. Gack.
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