October 12th, 2005


Car Adventures

So, last night, before work, my car wouldn't start. Which was annoying, not only because it had been working all evening up to that point, but because I had to go in to work, and it was ten o'clock at night, when there weren't a lot of people stirring, and I couldn't call my apartment office or something to see if somebody could give me a jump. So, I called work, told them I'd likely be late, and then considered my options.

I ended up calling Wil, who did me a huge favor by dropping over and giving me a jump, and I even made it into work (almost) on time. I definitely owe him a beer or six for this one.

So, this morning, I'm planning to take the car in, get it its overdue oil change, and a new battery. This one was certainly worth however much Honda paid for it, though, as this will be the first time I've bought a new battery since I got the car seven years and a few months ago.
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My art's on the front page of Yahoo! Okay, one of the very minor, still beta, who the hell cares front pages of Yahoo.

But still. Yahoo! My 0.15 seconds of fame!

[Ooo, look, a learn Chinese podcast!]
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My Unexciting Life

Car now has new battery. And, unfortunately, needed new tires, so I'm out quite a lot more than I expected. Fortunately, these days I don't live paycheck-to-paycheck, so the pain was bearable. Of course, in the process, I ended up with quite a bit less sleep than normal (had to not only stay up late to get the car there, had to get up early to pick it up, and slept quite badly in the meanwhile), so I'm very tired. Grump.

Ate Korean for the first time in my life. Was... Interesting. There will be futher experiments.
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