October 9th, 2005



...The cat's doing okay, thanks for asking.

I'm letting him out now and then when he starts to approach batshit insane... So far, just for a few hours at a time, although sometimes he'll want back in more quickly. As winter approaches, I imagine that the briefer excursions will become the norm. He never goes far... To the end of my building seems to be his limit, and when I go out to retrieve him, he comes almost immediately when "called."

I suspect that he didn't make it a whole lot farther when he was gone for two weeks. What fun that must have been!
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Grammar Time

So, tonight at work, I finished up the tiny bit I needed to finish to (re)generate my generative grammar for Japanese. Although it's more of a procedural grammar, as it's generally more concerned with morphology than syntax. And it has a few useful tables for various irregular things, like honorifics and measurewords and such. It's also probably got a few erros yet. And is undeniably incomplete (given that it fits on two single-sided sheets of paper). I suppose it's more of a highly-compressed cheatsheet than an actual grammar, truth be told.

At any rate, this was the second time I'd put it together (I did paste in a lot of the first version, editing it as I went), although as I got to the end I found out that I'd never actually finished that first version. I also did it in romaji... Japanese verb endings are a lot more complicated when you do them in kana. (Although you do have to know your kana to know that replacing the "u" in "tsu" with an "i" gives you "chi," doing the same for "su" gives you "shi" and so on.) I might go back and do a kana/kanji version... However, I don't have any way to print that right now (can't at work... The computers here choke on simple unicode, so Asian scripts are right out, and don't have a working printer at home).

Next I need to get around to cleaning up my Japanese drill tools, and getting permission to release them and all that.
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