October 5th, 2005


Wish List

Recently (re-)watched

Here is Greenwood
Lost in Translation (again)
Battlestar Galactica (up to current)


Angel, Season 5 (yeah, yeah, still haven't finished it)
Dr. Who, Season 1 (or season 27 or whatever)
Maison Ikkoku, etc. (various from Kyaa)
Zatoichi, Zatoichi, Zatoichi, Zatoichi!


She: Ultimate Weapon
Whatever that anime is that has the Beatles cover thing in the intro that Kyaa keeps talking up
Gokusen (anime and live action)
Densha Otoko
Battle Royale

Need to comment on Battlestar Galactica, esp. in relation to Firefly, but I'm not going to be seeing Serenity until tonight. So. And maybe comment on Greenwood, too.

And maybe -- just maybe -- I'll post a short Nan Desu Kan report someday.
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