September 12th, 2005


Maybe Just A Little Sore

I'm still the undisputed champion of over-exertion.

Today -- eight hour hike (perfect for catching rush hour on the way back), twelve miles. The first four-fifths of that were no problem. Next time, I will ignore the serpent tongue whispering "it's only another 1000 vertical feet, so what if it's at a forty-five degree angle from horizontal, and all that tundra up there past treeline looks so pretty with the colors and all that." Maybe. It's not like I haven't pulled this crap before. On the same trail. The very time I last hiked solo in RMNP. Oh, yeah, I'm the king, baby.

I was so out of juice after the last bit that it took me longer to get down the trail back to the trailhead than it took me to get there from the trailhead in the first place.

I haven't been this sore and wiped since Pikes Peak.

Pictures tomorrow, maybe.
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