August 15th, 2005


Things Of Note

An eventful day. First, I did various things last night, then this morning, the fire alarm woke me from a nap at about 5AM. False alarm, of course, but the fire department had to come out and turn the damned thing off (it's an apartment building-wide thing). Right now, I'm novacated within an inch of my life (I can't feel my nose, I swear I can't feel my forehead, any more and I wouldn't be able to feel my arm... Okay, the last two are an exaggeration).

Also, the cat's definitely become a serious flight risk again... I can't open the door anymore without him zooming out. I'm tempted to let him roam outside for a while (not just a few minutes), but I'm afraid of what will happen if I let him. He's definitely going stir-crazy, though. ニャア!ニャア!
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