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Douglas Triggs
12 May 2005 @ 09:07 pm
Well, the cat's missing. He escaped the apartment and ran off, and has been gone for almost a week now. I went to several of the local shelters (all the ones he was likely to be at) today, but no luck. Tonight I'll probably put up posters.

Animal shelters have to be one of the most depressing places on the face of the planet. All those animals looking at you with big eyes and mewling plaintively. As if I wasn't already emotional about the whole thing. The cat was never really happy in the small apartment, so maybe he found someplace better, I dunno. But I still miss him and I haven't been sleeping that well since he hasn't been there.
In the mood: sadbummed
Douglas Triggs
Gah. It's freaky.
In the mood: irritatedfreaky