May 5th, 2005



So, now that I've got the new schedule, and with the decent weather we've been having the last couple of days, I've been going hiking. Nothing major, just a quick jaunt up Green Mountain (a bit under two hours for the round trip if you're leisurely about it). Enough to get the blood flowing, mostly, especially in the not-particularly-good shape I'm in right now (Echostar really sucked the life out of me, I'm telling you).

But damn, I got sunburned today. It's not a hike I'd expect to get sunburned on (I'm not out there that long, dammit), but then I realized that I hadn't really gotten any sun at all the last couple of years, and whatever protective tan I'd ever built up is long gone.

I'm sure it'll be back soon enough. And no doubt I'll be going shocking blond in the process, too, as usually happens come summer for me (I've almost got dark brown hair right now).
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