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Douglas Triggs
04 May 2005 @ 02:07 am
So today, for the first time (well, the second, but I wasn't actually serious about fixing it the first time), I tried to get DVDs to play properly on the laptop. Now, given the fact that it's a near top-of-the-line laptop with a ton of power and a monster 17" screen, you'd think this would just work, right? But no, ultra-choppy display. Crappy sound. Very, very annoying.

Turns out the IDE device wasn't in DMA mode. God knows why it wouldn't be turned up to full speed, but there it is. Some googling and investigating (and use of the windows help system to figure out what to google for) soved the problem. And now I have a working DVD player. Woo.

But I shouldn't have had to have fought the damned thing in the first place. Jeez.
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Douglas Triggs
04 May 2005 @ 02:14 am
Went to swing shift today. I'm a lot more tired than I'd thought I'd be... Apparently, my body was getting used to the normal schedule (a little late... I was exhausted getting up three hours earlier for work the whole three weeks I was doing it). I think I'll like swings, although I think I'd like nights better. And I'll get to do a double shift on Friday night, so I'll get both! (Uh, woo. Well, overtime pay is good.) On the other hand, I'm going to miss going to my Japanese language group, and the whole lack of life thing would be somewhat bothersome if I actually had one. Which I don't. So, ah, I guess I slightly miss the potential of maybe having one at some point maybe. But I expect I'll take full advantage of being able to hike and run errands in the daytime every day. And that's why I wanted an odd shift in the first place. If only the weather would cooperate.

Anyway, I need to get around to capsule movie reviews, and posting this in my newsgroup. Probably tomorrow. So, stay tuned.
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Douglas Triggs
04 May 2005 @ 06:06 pm
Does it say anything about you if you currently have more logged in IM accounts than all the other people you know combined?
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Douglas Triggs
04 May 2005 @ 07:14 pm
So, Wil and I were watching an episode of Enterprise last week, and it just happened to be part of the "Evil Terran Empire" two-parter (the first episode I'd seen in years, incidentally). So, we're watching the credits (which are, of course, from the Evil Terran Empire universe instead of the normal credits) and I look over at him and say "now that's the spinoff I want to watch."

True, that.

That Enterprise has fan service, too. Now, as a red-blooded (not red-shirted, I'll have you know) male, I can sorta appreciate that, but you know, it's just kinda stupid. Oh, well.
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