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Douglas Triggs
11 April 2005 @ 05:41 pm
A post because I'm sitting in Starbucks killing time before going home (after rush hour, thank you very much).

First day back at USA.net. Yes, eventually this job will probably be fun. Right now, it's still several hours earlier than my old shift, and I've got a lot to catch up on, so I'm just tired. Commute, despite a major recent snowstorm, was fairly trivial. Except for getting out of the parking lot of my apartment, anyway... That part was pretty much touch and go. But once I got on the roads, other than being wet, there wasn't much worth mentioning, and the traffic was astoundingly light (I suspect people were either afraid of the roads, or just didn't manage to make it out of their driveways or something). I shouldn't expect to ever get a commute that quick again.

I have an astounding number of MP3s on this computer now. Over 11,300. On the order of 40.6GB. Where did they come from? (Yes, of course I know the answer to that question.) Anyway, the internet connection is getting a bit wobbly; back to the local disk for music here.

UPDATE: That's a bloody awful lot of ID3v3 tags to organize. I never populated most of them back when I first ripped the CDs (and really, I only need to do about half of them, the rest is mostly tracks off my CDs that I'll never play). But, I'm more or less kinda mostly done. Sort of.
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Now playing: Tchaikovsky - Symphony No. 6 'Pathetique' - 3. Allegro Molto Vivace (Radio Free Doubt)