March 7th, 2005



And now Radio Free Doubt is the 2,506th most popular station in the known universe by TTSL.

So, apparently, restarting the server and dropping the bitrate to 96kbps didn't confuse it or anything. Of course, playing the entire Der Ringdes Nibelungen today (uncut and without interruption) hasn't really done much for the listening stats. Apparently, other than me, only one listener's had the stamina to stick with it.

And it looks like (despite the fact I've been listening the entire day) I'm just not going to make it to the end -- Götterdämmerung has still got three and a half hours left to go and I have to go to work tomorrow. Oh, well, I'll listen to it next Sunday, probably. It's only four and a half hours long, after all.
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    Wagner - Gotterdammerung - Begruesse Froh, O Held, Die Halle Meines Vaters (RFD)