February 10th, 2005

head shot

Not My Trip

Dad's in town, visiting on his trip to see all the relatives (no doubt with a side trip up to Boulder to see his brother over the next few days) before disappearing to the other hemisphere (the Eastern one, I think they call it) for a good long while. He's asleep right now, which probably isn't surprising, given that he's been up since five (and I suspect that would be central time, so to me, that's oh-bloody-dark-thirty).

So, I 'spose we'll be doing stuff. Not quite sure what; he's already been to see most of the scenic stuff around here, so I dunno where I'd take him. So, we'll probably hang out, watch movies, and stuff; I've got three of the next five days off.

Of course, he never actually noticed the haircut until I pointed it out to him. Er...

Oh, yeah, gotta remember to drag him shopping. Maybe tomorrow.
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