February 6th, 2005

head shot


I've decided to re-rip and encode my Beethoven piano sonatas at 256kbps. The 128kbps is just painful for piano (although it's okay, I suppose, for orchestral and so forth). I'm not planning on making any changes to the shoutcast server (still keeping it at 96kpbs, with a few extra non-advertised 24kbps connections available).

Other than that, I've been on a classical kick lately. My dad's visiting in a few days (he didn't give me much warning, darn him), but I figure I'll take him shopping with me and spend the gift card he gave me for Christmas at B&N. He's a life-long classical junkie (never really ever listened to much else), so he can help me pick out some good stuff I don't already have. I ordered a few CDs from Amazon, too, filling a few gaps.

Next week, I think I'll subject my shoutcast listeners to Wagner's entire Ring Cycle. I doubt I'll get many takers on that one. Mwahaha. :)
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    Bach - Toccata In D Minor (RFD)

Improving Myself

New TV: check.
DVDs for watching on new TV: check.
Someplace to lounge in while watching DVDs... Not so much.

Found a TV I was happy with. Some cheap Chinese thing with a strange name. Playing DVDs on the PS2 isn't ideal, but it works okay. Sitting on the floor, watching TV, well, that doesn't work as well. But so far, I haven't found anything to sit on that isn't either too expensive or too crappy or just plain too ugly.

Of course, I've been considering getting one of those fold up rocking chairs that are meant for camping. That might do the trick (and would be useful when, well, camping).

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    Strauss - Kaiserwalzer - Emperor's Waltz (RFD)