February 3rd, 2005


Ontologically Blah

Unhappy. Sick.

しょうがない. Good phrase, that, even if I took me too long to realize that it had a long 'o' -- but, shou ga nai, it can't be helped (just goes to show that romaji's a hopelessly inconsistent hack, I guess, since I often can't understand the average Japanese person's romaji either when the kana/kanji would have been perfectly clear). It's joined the non-volatile mental phrase bank thanks to lyte13, so I'll probably go around and periodically blurt it out when I'm tired of randomly blurting out 大爆発. Daibakuhatsu! Kaboom!

[Someday, I'd like to know more than twelve words of Japanese.]

Those who know me really well know that I have a well-developed sense of gallows humor when things are dark. Things aren't particularly dark right now, of course, but I am in a foul mood, and at the same time I'm manifesting bouts of insane, manic silliness.

I guess I must be weird.

Of course, I've never been consistent, except in my inconsistency. Take the fact that I'm never calmer than when people around me are panicking, or more sanguine than when people around me are upset (and though I inevitably get stressed when anticipating an interview or meeting new people, physical danger can't consistently keep me awake -- which isn't to say I haven't been scared sh*tless by it at times). I don't think that's normal, is it?
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