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Douglas Triggs
13 December 2004 @ 11:36 pm
Good: my bankruptcy court date is done and it wasn't a disaster. Didn't expect it to be, but still, it's a relief.

Bad: I still don't know what I owe. I'm to "make the trustee an offer" to settle, and tomorrow I'll go chat with my lawyer about it. Feels a lot like gambling to me, but I suspect that the worst the stakes could go is paying the full declared value of my assets, which isn't a disaster.

Good: I finally found out what the hell has been wrong with me these last few months.

Bad: it's pancreatitis, and they don't know what's causing it, so more tests. I feel like a pincushion with all the holes they poked in me trying to drill for blood today.

Good: I get to take a ride in an MRI or CAT scan or whatever the hell they're going to image my pancreas with next.

Bad: goddamn, but did I get up early this morning. I'm exhausted.

Good: but tomorrow's my day off, so I get to sleep in.

Bad: but the alarm guy is coming to fix a couple of non-functioning alarms tomorrow morning, so that might interrupt it.

Good: I still haven't been rejected for JET.

Bad: because I won't know anything until February.

Good: I think I'll be able to afford a laptop relatively soon.
In the mood: conflicted
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