December 7th, 2004

head shot

WorldCon Program Book

So, I got the Noreascon 4 program book in the mail today, which I found somewhat confusing, as I wasn't aware that I was a member of the convention, supporting or otherwise.

I did vote against Noreascon back at Millennium Philcon in 2001. Perhaps I pre-supported the Charlotte bid, even though I don't quite remember doing so -- that's the only theory I have -- a pre-support plus a vote would equal a supporting membership, I think. I suppose if I'd remembered that, there may have been a chance that I'd have voted for Nippon2007, but probably not... Money was tight. At any rate, Nippon2007 won, so it turned out okay.

And now I have a program book that I'm probably just going to throw away, unless for some strange reason somebody wants it (along with my Philcon and Chicon books, probably). I have a great deal of stuff to get rid of yet.

The status of my attending membership to Interaction remains somewhat in doubt; it seems quite unlikely that I'll be able to attend, but I'm loath to sell it yet.
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