November 29th, 2004


My Name

After consultation with various Japanese speakers, we've come to a consensus that my name is spelled トリグス・ダグラス (to-ri-gu-su da-gu-ra-su). Which is a bit different than my original guess, which was チリグス・ドーグラス (chi-ri-gu-su do-o-gu-ra-su). I'm not entirely sure that I entirely agree with the sound of my, um, last name (surname), but my given name does sound a lot better as corrected. What sold me on ト (to) instead of チ (chi) in my surname, though, is that "tricky" is spelled トリッキー (to-ri-k-ki-i) in Japanese.

Of course, I've always kinda wanted to spell my name in Kanji. I was kinda thinking something like: 鳥椋・暗水 which is more or less "bird tree/starling - dark water." The surname is phonetic, the given name is the meaning of my name in Gaelic. Another possibility for my surname is 楠 (camphor tree). Properly, though, 暗水 would be pronounced something like くらみず (ku-ra-mi-zu), so I've taken to using Kuramizu as a nickname in games and such lately (anyone who had been obsessively stalking me might have noticed the use of that name in the screenshots for my election game).

Anyone who's made a study of Kanji might note that the character that means "grey starling" or "some kind of deciduous tree the dictionary writers didn't bother to identify" (椋) is literally "capitol tree" and the character that means "camphor tree" (楠) is literally "southern tree."

I also want to figure out how the heck to enter that damned name-separating dot without cutting and pasting it, but I haven't figured that out yet. Grrrr.
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