November 23rd, 2004


You Know What

My team is 3-7. My team has also outscored its opponents -- every loss, they've been in the game, and not closed it. With the exception of Monday night's game, they've led in the fourth quarter in every single game.

It wasn't Greg Robinson's fault. It's not Gunther Cunningham's fault. We bloody well know that Cunningham is a good defensive coach... He proved that in the past. All I can hope is that (a) they lose the rest of their games and get some good draft picks, (b) they don't fire Gunther, (c) Gunther and Vermeil don't quit, and (d) Peterson actually gets some defensive talent next year.

Because, well, the only thing keeping this team from going to the superbowl is a quality secondary. That's all... Despite the record, they're bloody close.

That is all.
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Once More, With Feeling

"If you don't say you love me I'll kill you,
Tell me you want to choose me... Or die!
Love you... Love you... Love you... Love you"

-- Tommy February 6, Choose Me Or Die

(And that's just the part that's in English... My Japanese isn't quite good enough to keep up with the rest.)

Perhaps the best love song ever. But maybe that's just me. Tommy February 6 is my new favorite JPop band, with the Pillows and BoA. And Puffy. Can't forget Puffy.
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