November 19th, 2004


Genki! Genki! Genki!

Random musings...

Well, now that the JET application is off, I'm not feeling much relief. Now I'm brooding over the fact that (as far as I can tell), about 30% of the applicants get accepted. I'm not a typical applicant... Older, not freshly out of college like most. I don't know if my particular circumstances help or hurt, but waiting until February to find out if I made the first cut will be maddening. It makes it easy to agonize how maybe I should have done the application differently. Feh!

So, I've been investigating things for contingency plans. Aeon, Geos, Nova, and the other commercial English schools. Berlitz, too, which I've heard good things about (it's apparently better to foreigners, being ultimately a foreign company). But, as maybe it's better, I'd bet that it's also harder to get into. It's also smaller. I suppose I'd prefer to get a job with a smaller juku or something, but I don't know how possible that will turn out to be. And, there are some other outside possibilities not involving English teaching...

And then there's the question about whether or not I should cut my hair. Probably? Maybe? I don't know. For somebody like Aeon, I'm sure I'd have to. For JET, no idea. But should I for the interview? Something to ponder. I'm thinking it might be time to cut it just because, anyway.

Other than that... Well, Friday is not my Friday, and I don't get off until 8PM anyway, so it's not a social time for me. As if it hasn't been years since I actually had anything that could be described as a social life... On the good side, a friend is coming in from Houston on Monday to hang out for a couple days, so I'll be social then. Also, I've gotten two offers for Thanksgiving, one down in the Springs with people I used to work with when I was down there, and another in Steamboat, which I'm thinking about (the tough part there is the fact that I work that Friday... The part that makes it possible is that I don't need to get into work until 11AM.)

So, I've writing emails to my Japanese penpals, getting in some minor practice writing Japanese.

Aigh. I'm just wound up.
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