November 16th, 2004


Ah, Friendster

...Wandered back in for no apparent reason.

I only have 54,433 third degree friends now! Oh, how my stable of friends has atrophied. I suppose anybody who feels like it can add me, not that I particularly care, as this is the first time I've logged in in, er, ah, something like a year.

Er, ah, the email address is I think.
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Back in Black

The good news: I got a $3000 check yesterday.

The bad news: I wrote a $3000 check today.

The good news: I got my beloved Civic back today, complete with (mostly) new engine, this time with a drainage cap and oil in it. Seems to run great. Handles a lot better than the Accord rental, and it has my MP3 player in it instead of the (admittedly pretty good, but not MP3 playing) six CD in-dash player.

I'm happy. Woo.

I suppose I should start thinking about what I'm going to do with the thing when I go to Japan. I was going to sell it, but I've realized that I've become somewhat attached to the little guy. So, I dunno. I guess I'll have to decide.
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head shot


United still has me with 66,000 miles. This is despite getting those miles through a credit card that I've long since defaulted on (and subsequently going bankrupt). I don't know if they're just waiting for everything to go final or what, but I'm still surprised that they're there.

That's enough for a free round trip to Japan (or, from Japan, to here). It's almost enough for two round trip tickets to Hawaii, but (for obvious reasons), that's no longer my main measuring stick for those miles. If I get to keep them, it will be rather significant, for (if I get into JET) it will make a free trip back from Japan quite possible while I'm there, or alternately, it will make a trip to Japan (for an interview or who knows what) quite possible (if I don't get into JET).

It's not, however, enough miles to go to Europe from Japan, so if I end up in Japan, the chances of me making the Glasgow WorldCon are rather slim. But I suppose that was already rather obvious.
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