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Douglas Triggs
09 November 2004 @ 09:30 pm
As some of you may or may not know, there's this site called "meetup.com." As you might guess from the name, the goal of the site is to get people together to meet for various purposes. Of course, there's a Japanese Language meetup group, and some months ago I joined up. Nothing much came of it, and as far as I can tell, despite the meetings coming along every month, if more than one person ever showed up, they never met each other.

Well, for some strange reason (maybe because I've been in a volunteering mood lately), I decided to take over the organizer role, and just by actually making a little noise (IOW, sending out email to the membership saying that "yes, there will be a meeting" and "yes, I will be there, and this is how you find me"), I managed to get five people to show up. Unfortunately, none of us were fluent speakers, so instead of practicing, we were more or less reduced to talking about Japanese and how we learned it, etc. But, we did do some tentative organizational plans while we were there, and I have hopes that we may yet turn it into a healthy, active group. Which, of course, was all I ever wanted -- I wasn't really interested in running the group per se.

At any rate, if you're reading this, in Denver, and interested, I encourage you to join the group. I suspect approximately zero people here quite fulfill all three requirements (give or take one or two), but heck, there it is. The web page is http://japanese.meetup.com/70/, feel free to, ah, do whatever you do.
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Douglas Triggs
09 November 2004 @ 09:44 pm
I'm bankrupt. The official filing date was 11/5. My court appearance is 12/13.

I got a moderately aggressive trustee... Not the worst, but it could have been better. Maybe he'll be in a good mood. If I believed in that sort of thing, I'd ask for people to pray for my immortal soul.
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Douglas Triggs
09 November 2004 @ 10:54 pm
More grist for the practice mill:

Particle: (ga), denotes subject (or with certain verbals, object); used between clauses (or at end of sentence), meaning "but" (or "and")


  • XYと言います (X wa Y to iimasu), X is called Y.
  • いらっしゃい[ませ] (irasshai[mase]), welcome
  • 外に何か (hoka ni nani ka), anything else?
  • それだけです (sore dake desu), that's all
  • 少々お待ちください[ませ] (shoushou omachi kudasai[mase]), just a moment, please
  • おまたせいたしました (omatase itashimashita), sorry to have kept you waiting
  • 畏まりました (kashikomarimashita), certainly [I have understood your request and will do as you ask]


  • いくら (ikura), how much or many
  • 安い, 高い (yasui, takai), inexpensive, expensive or high or tall
  • 随分 (zuibun), extremely
  • 見せる (miseru), show, display
  • 要る (iru), need, want
  • 赤い, 青い, 黄色い, 黒い, 白い (akai, aoi, kiiroi, kuroi, shiroi), red, blue or green, yellow, black, white
  • 毎度 (maido), every time
  • また (mata), again
  • 毎朝 (maiasa), every morning
  • 散歩 (sanpo), a walk
  • 雨, 雪, 降る (ame, yuki, furu), rain, snow, fall
  • 聞く (kiku), hear
  • 春, 夏, 秋, 冬 (haru, natsu, aki, fuyu), spring, summer, fall, winter
  • 暑い, 寒い (atsui, samui), hot, cold
  • 風, 吹く (kaze, fuku), wind, blow
  • 旅行 (ryokou), trip
  • 遊ぶ (asobu), play
  • 疲れる, 休む (tsukareru, yasumu), get tired, rest (take vacation)
  • 早い, 遅い, (hayai, osoi), early, late
  • 病気 (byouki), illness
  • 持つ (motsu), have, hold
  • 取る (toru), take
  • 手紙 (tegami), letter


Forming -て (-te) form:

Dictionary ending-て (-te) form
-ぶ (-bu)
-む (-mu)
-ぬ (-nu)
-んで (-nde)
-く (-ku)-いて (-ite)
-ぐ (-gu)-いで (-ide)
-す (-su)-して (-shite)
-つ (-tsu)
-る (-ru)
-う (-u)
-って (-tte)

Kanji: First 500 by combined Freq/Stroke/常用 (jouyou/grade)

Audio: Lessons 3 and 4
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