November 2nd, 2004


My Election Game

Fittingly, I've pretty much finished it today, which is technically November 2nd, 2004... Election Day.

Go here to see it. Right now, I have no idea how to get it to work on anything besides Linux/UNIX (i.e., I don't know how to get [incr Widgets] -- and by extension, [incr TCL/TK] -- to work on anything besides Linux/UNIX. TCL/TK is easy. The [incr] bit, not so much.

I'm Douglas Triggs, and I approve of this game.
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Football (Week of 10/31)

Election day update... Because I had a little time between all the other things I need to do today.

This week's top five:

  1. Philadelphia Eagles (7-0)
  2. New York Giants (5-2)
  3. Baltimore Ravens (4-3)
  4. New England Patriots (6-1)
  5. Pittsburgh Steelers (6-1)

Big shake-up at the top, although the Eagles retain the top spot. My team knocked out the Colts (woo!), and the Vikings got knocked out by the Giants, who take their place. Baltimore is a big surprise... I'm not sure exactly how they got there, except maybe by playing Philadelphia close (because the computer does adjust for margin of victory). The Steelers obviously got up there by beating New England, I guess Baltimore's partly up there for beating the Steelers. My team, of course, jumped another seven places to 9th with another big win. I think they're back in the running, and ghu help anyone that has to meet them in the playoffs if they put it all together.

This week, the computer was another statistically insignificant 6-7 (another big week for the upsets), making it now 31-23 for the season. This week it predicts:

  • Raiders @ PANTHERS
  • COWBOYS @ Bengals
  • EAGLES @ Steelers
  • JETS @ Bills
  • CHIEFS @ Buccaneers
  • Redskins @ LIONS
  • CARDINALS @ Dolphins
  • Bears @ GIANTS
  • SEAHAWKS @ 49ers
  • Saints @ CHARGERS
  • TEXANS @ Broncos
  • PATRIOTS @ Rams
  • Browns @ RAVENS
  • Vikings @ COLTS

Once again, predicted winners are in CAPS. This is the first time the Chiefs have been favored since I started posting the computer's predictions, but the game that really stands out this week is the game in Pittsburgh -- that one, more than any other, is likely to rock the ratings. The game in Indy could be interesting, too.
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