October 24th, 2004


I'll Miss You, Mr. Pronto. I'll Miss You, Mr. C-11.

Well, as a few people here know, I'm going bankrupt. In fact, it may have happened Friday (didn't talk to the lawyer's office, so don't know for sure, but it's fairly certain to happen this week). Don't bother sending condolences if you didn't already know... It's probably the best thing that ever happened to me, as it's freed me to try and go back to school and actually put some direction into my professional life (the rest of my life? Well, it's still doing doughnuts in the parking lot, like always).

Anyway, to begin the incipient fire-sale that is about to consume my life, I've made arrangements to sell my thousands and thousands of dollars worth of astronomy gear to a good home (not for nearly as much as I'd bought them for, but them's the breaks). I hope, anyway. We'll see how things work out with the trustee, as presumably the proceeds will be going towards my settlement. Still, less is more for me right now, and either way it's okay with me. All the crap I own? It's best described as an anchor during my currently life transition. At the moment, with my plans to go to Japan to try and get fluent in Japanese to make it easier to go grad school in computational linguistics (and, possibly, even go to grad school in Japan), it's pretty much certain that I'm leaving Colorado eventually, even under the worst case scenario of being stuck going back to school for another BA in modern languages here... Because there simply aren't any computational linguistics graduate programs in the state, and only CU even has a significant linguistics program of any kind. So, at some point (one way or the other) I'll have to leave.
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