October 10th, 2004


Linux, Japanese, and Madness!

Well, I've gone seriously GTK today. Still feel kinda sick, so I've been hacking around (I'm kinda going through my list of things to get setup/configured on my system). I set up GAIM for real this time... Despite still being of the opinion that it's not quite ready for primetime (because, well, user icons don't seem to work, and it simply won't log in with an AOL IM ID that has a space in it, forcing me to switch AIM accounts to my test account -- which, admittedly is a more logical ID. Plus, it's the same as my LJ ID. I also have that ID for Yahoo, so maybe I should change it, too). Anyway, despite that, it's still about as useful to me as Trillian. It's certainly not as polished, but it does have two things which I find very useful: first, it does tabbed chatting. Not only that, it integrates well with Galeon's tabbing (which I'm already incredibly fond of), allowing links to show up in a new tab.

The second (and someone more important) thing is good Asian language support through GTK, something Trillian utterly lacks (and the older versions of Windows I use don't have decent Asian language support to begin with). In the process of getting GAIM configured, I decided to finally switch to GJiten (which, unfortunately, seems to be unstable as all hell, although I think we've come to mutual understanding, as I haven't crashed it recently) from the xjdic in kterm dictionary setup I was previously using. In the process I finally got around to getting kinput2 all configured (I had to, if I intended to enter kana without having xjdic handy to translate for me), which has mostly been good (it makes entering 日本語 text much easier, at the expense of catching a premature shift before a lot of my capital letters when I'm typing quickly. I'm thinking about changing the default key to something else instead of shift-space, as that is pretty bloody annoying now that I've put it into actual use. Plus I keep hitting ctrl-space by accident anyway -- I'm obviously an emacs user at heart. I'd just use ctrl-space, but unfortunately, that would screw up the mark in emacs).

I still need to get some sound issues worked out -- one major drawback of my GAIM installation is that the sounds simply don't work on it. Also, the volume control (namely under XMMS) also doesn't work. It looks like I may have to get sysadmin on the sound daemon/kernel driver's ass.

At any rate, between GAIM, OpenOffice, sound support under Linux, a CD burner on my Linux box (which I honestly haven't gotten around to configuring yet) and a number of other things, I'm slowly but surely making my Windows box superfluous, making it possible that at some point in the near future I'll be able to get rid of my Windows desktops altogether. And this has made solid progress towards my "Less is More" philosophy that I've been trying to adopt in the current transitional phase of my life.
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