October 9th, 2004

head shot

Why I Hate Your Politics

Yes, I mean YOU.

People have probably noticed that I don't talk about politics much, at least not directly. Mostly it's probably because I think, deep down in my heart and with unshakable conviction, that pretty much everyone who disagrees with me to any great extent is either misguided or a nitwit, and I don't really want to talk with them about it, because I'm usually annoyed by their misguidedness or nitwit nature.

But, well, these are extraordinary times, as anyone who's been paying much attention has probably noticed (not that having extraordinary times is a particularly uncommon occurance, but never mind that).

And, this not-quite-a-rant, but more an exploration of the imperfections of our world resulted.

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UPDATE: Whatever seems to be sorta kinda back up, so I've corrected two of the links to John Scalzi. Unfortunately, I haven't managed to find the one I really wanted to correct yet -- apparently the archives don't currently go that far back -- so it's still not fixed.
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