September 12th, 2004


Japanese Pen Pals

So, some of you may know that I have a few Japanese pen pals that I keep in semi-regular contact with (maybe four or five on a regular basis. Heck, at least one of you reading this is in that number). Anyway, here's an ad I might be posting on the site where I first contacted them:


名前はダグラス(Douglas)です. 32歳です. デンバー(Denver)に住んでいて, 山とハイキングと景勝と自然界が好きす. デンバーはコロラド(Colorado)にで, とても高いです(1600m). ここは山と景勝あります. コロラドは美しいです! たくさんの写真撮りました.

旅行と外国語も好きです. 私の日本語はあんまり上手ですが, 頑張る積もりです. いつか日本で行きたいですが, 今はエメールかインスタントメッセージが日本語と英語でだれかに更代したいです. 齢か性は構いませんが, ロマンスあれません - 日本は遠く過ぎます. 友情あれたい.



Not that most of the people here can read it, I'm sure, but if you can, feedback is welcome! (I don't actually plan on correcting this -- presumably, this will be something I'll look back on someday to guage my progress -- but I'd still like to know what I've written incorrectly.)

Update: on second thought, I'm probably not going to post it, at least not for a while. Mostly, I was doing it for practice (and I couldn't think of anything else to write about on short notice). I do plan to write something new in Japanese occasionally to post here whenever I have time, something faux diary-like. We'll see how it goes.
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Anybody who knows me knows why. It'll be different in Kansas City.
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Just in case anyone didn't see the first one.
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