September 11th, 2004


The Web Page

Just because I could, I "integrated" LiveJournal and my newsgroup into my web page (in other words, every page now has a link to both). I also updated my Japanese page slightly (adding a link to the nippon2007 community and correcting the katakana spelling of my first name. Still haven't really resolved how to pronounce my last name).

Anyway, that is all. If you want to look at the homepage, the link is at the top of my blog here.
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More Election Stuff

So, I just created a web page dedicated to my not-quite-obsessive poll watching. Ironic as it seems, it looks possible that Bush will win the popular vote, yet lose solidly in the Electoral college.

Ironic, but somehow fitting, I think.

Anyway, the web page. I'll probably update it from time to time as we approach the election, dunno how often.
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