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Douglas Triggs
10 September 2004 @ 01:17 am
So, in order to get Logjam (and other stuff) to work with Japanese input, I upgraded to the unstable Woody release of Debian. Turned out to be the expected pain -- it screwed up my fonts slightly, and exim overwrote my Sendmail binaries (ばか exim -- of course it has to f*ck up sendmail at every opportunity). Anyway, everything seems to be recovered, and now I've got better Asian language support and all that. So, I guess it really wasn't that bad. Of course, this version of Logjam is super, super sweet, so I think it was all worth it after all... Woo.

And the current fonts are much prettier, not that I really give a damn.

I also added some links on my journal pages, so everything is all super-spiff.

And I forgot to do laundry, so here I am, up until oh-dark-thirty so I can move up the last load so that I'll actually have something clean to wear tomorrow. Feh.
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Douglas Triggs
10 September 2004 @ 10:18 pm
I'm updating my outrageous election prediction for the presidential election this year, this time with a visual aid:

Kerry 353, Bush 185

Actually, just to make things more complicated, I predict Kerry will win 353 to 184, due to the probable non-vote on the part of a republican elector in West Virginia (especially if it becomes clear that the single vote won't matter).

(This update is primarily because I can't remember which states I predicted would go to who, so I started over.)

For those who are interested, I recommend the following web sites for following the latest polling data:

Race 2004
Electoral Vote Predictor
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