October 1st, 2003

bad egg

Strange Moment of the Day

...Well, of yesterday, actually:

Seeing somebody walking into a print/copy shop with a piece of paper that said "no smoking" while actively smoking a cigarette. Now there's irony for you.
head shot

USA 1, Norway 0

[Copied from my newsgroup]

USA advances.

The game shouldn't have been that close; if not for the play in goal by Nordby of Norway (who came up with some nice saves, including one on a PK), it would have been a blowout. Truth be told, Norway probably shouldn't have been ranked #2 by FIFA coming into the tourney, as they've been fading badly since the 2000 Olympics. The real tough game should come against Germany next.

Team USA faces Germany or Russia, uh, later this week. Film at eleven (or ten, in civilized parts of the world).
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