September 24th, 2003


A Different Test

Another test.

Washu's working on a cure for the con crud. Hurry, little Washu, hurry. I need to get my JPOP on. In the meantime, more cold medicine, and back to sleep. Hopefully.

Not Really A Test (Take 2)

Oops, didn't mean to delete that last one. Oh, well.

Anyway, here's some actual content of a sort. Or directions to actual content -- a few links to my newsgroup, in short. I suppose in part this is a test; I expect most of the stuff I ever post here will ultimately come from this source, since it's my real online home.

My thoughts on some anime I've recently watched.

A con report (of sorts) for Nan Desu Kan.

A general link to my newsgroup, if anyone's interested.

And that's the news.