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Perhaps Not The Best Of Days

So, with my newest freakin' cold winding down and such, I decided that it was finally time to get out and about, now that the snowstorm has been almost a week past and such.

But unfortunately, the chief result of this urge was leaving the car high-centered on the snowdrift behind its parking place. Well, at least it made it out of the parking spot itself, even if it went no farther. If it hasn't melted its way out by tomorrow, Wil will come over and we'll tow the thing out. In the meantime, it looks pretty stupid, but it's not blocking traffic or anything, so I just left it (after some token attempts to dislodge it, once with the help of a couple neighbors who happened by, but we couldn't budge the thing off the snow. Clearing the snow under the tires turned out to be kind of pointless, since they're actually off the ground, and clearing snow out from under a couple tons of suspended metal by hand somehow seemed unwise. It's not like I absolutely had to be anywhere today, anyway).

That's the problem with snowstorms this time of year -- the snow doesn't go away the next day. I hear it's still pretty ugly in a lot of places around here.

Also, my cat is teh stupid. He's a constant escape risk, but this time I let him wander around a bit (I live on the fourth floor -- it was unlikely he was going anywhere, and generally he just darts back in when he hears a noise outside). This time, when he didn't reappear after a minute or so, I went out to check on him... And found him mewling piteously outside the door of my downstairs neighbor (nice try, little guy).

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