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15 December 2006 @ 10:59 pm
There Was Party  
It died a somewhat premature death (over by 10ish? So early?), but there were (I think) fourteen people in attendance. Including me.

[...counts on fingers...]

Yep. At least fourteen -- I may be forgetting someone. More than I usually get when I throw a party -- six to eight is more average. (I guess everyone was just so excited about Festivus -- somebody actually brought a card, which was pretty amusing.) There were a couple more (possible) RSVPs that didn't show, but there wasn't anyone who didn't RSVP and showed anyway (that happens sometimes). And there was one person who was going to come late, but unfortunately, when he called to see if the party was still going, it was pretty much done.

Anyway, surprisingly, there wasn't all that much food left over, nor drinks -- people ate and drank about as much as they brought, which is a little surprising, since I usually end up with all sorts of leftovers.


Also finally tried out the sausage biscuit recipe. They seemed to be popular, as people said they liked them, and almost all were consumed. They were a bit on the mild side, though, but now that I've made a batch once, I know how to fix that (thanks, Paula).

Oh, and all the posters found a good home. I dunno how many people know the story of the posters, though, since I haven't actually told it here.
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Dustybigmog on December 16th, 2006 02:08 pm (UTC)
Next time, have cream gravy for those sausage biscuits. I had a legitamate excuse for leaving when I did. I guess people are just busy this time of year. Still it was a great party. I'm let you know about cookie death for new years.