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Sick means no studying. So, now that I'm feeling better (more or less), some studying again.

Some loose end verb forms:

Causitive Passive: V-causitive - る + られる
E.g.: 食べさせる -> 食べさせられる (my, isn't that incredibly awkward looking)
Usage: XはYに(objectを)V-Causitive-Passive: X is forced to do such and such by Y.

Volitional Form:
Type 1: -う+おう
Type 2: -る+よう
Irregular: こよう, しよう
Of course, -ます becomes -ましょう, but you should already know that. Not quite the same, but can be used as such.
Used with と思う 「とおもう」 - intend to do whatever

And everyone's favorite, mister て-form:
Type 1: -く -> -いて (except 行く 「いく」 -> 行って 「いって」)
    -ぐ -> -いで
    -む, -ぶ, -ぬ -> -んで
    -う, -つ, -る -> -って
    -す -> -して
Type 2: -る -> -て
Irregular: きて, して

1. Sequence of action (kind of like "and")
2. Reason (whatever, because of て-Verb)
3. Manner (e.g., 歩いて, by walking)
4. Request (with ください)
5. With いる/います - roughly equivalent to progressive verbs in English (habitual action, ongoing action, state of being, etc.) Also expresses state resulting from action by motion or intransitive verb
6. With 見る 「みる」 - try doing something to see how it goes
7. With おく - do something in advance for later benefit, use, whatever
8. With しまう - completion of action, or regret
9. With あげる, くれる, もらう - somebody does something for whoever -- see the previous coverage of those verbs. Also the humble/honorific forms.

Random sentences of significant oddness:

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