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Time for the particle spectacular. Of course, I know a few particles, so these are some slightly more interesting usages of same.

に - indirect object
で - cause ["because of", "due to"], required time or quantity
の - equivalent ["友達のダグラス"]
も - as much as, not even [negative sentences]
と - same as, different from ["と同じです"]
や... など - "and... etc." [non-inclusive and]
から - from, since
まで - until
までに - by the time of
より - than
ほど - not as [negative sentences]
だけ - just, only [positive sentences]
しか - just, only [negative sentences]
XかYか - X or Y? [for sentences]
かどうか - whether or not [embedded question]
も... も - "both... and", "neither... nor"

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