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Some random words:

半 「はん」 - half (for 時, etc.)
春 「はる」 - spring (but I can already remember 秋, 夏, and 冬 just fine)
北 「きた」 - north
南 「みなみ」 - south
東 「ひがし」 - east
西 「にし」 - that other direction
眼鏡 「めがね」 - glasses, for some reason this word sounds really cool to me. めがね めがね めがね, I could say it all day. ひがし, on the other hand, not so much.


Blah, blah, blah.

So, does 楽しみです mean "I'm looking forward to it," "it'll be fun," or, uh, what the heck does it mean? How about 嫌みです? Is this idiomatic or some sort of form I've never heard of? And how do you use it properly?
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