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21 October 2006 @ 02:11 pm
Music Update  
Because I'm sure everyone still doesn't care, the current state of my music library:

6488 tracks, 26.6 days, and 31.98GB.

Of that, 2015 tracks, 11.7 days, and 8.32GB is language stuff (including both language CDs and re-tagged podcasts, which make up a significant portion of that total).

Classical alone comes to 1855 tracks, 7.5 days, and 13.55GB. Which doesn't include the pile of CDs here that I haven't ripped, nor the ones still on order from Amazon, so assume another 3GB or so there, and a trickle coming in from emusic. This part of my libary has grown quite substantially over the last couple of months, as I've been constantly absorbing new classical into my libary. Predictions of that slowing down were a bit premature; still, at some point I'll consider my collection more or less complete, and stop buying CDs or grabbing tracks off emusic and call it more or less good.

More useless statistical analysis - the current top composers in the library by play time:

1. Wagner [18.1 hours]
Almost fifteen hours of that is just Der Ringes Nibelungen, and he's pretty much hit the ceiling, I'm not getting any more Wagner. So, expect two or three composers to pass Wagner over the next few months.

2. Beethoven [15 hours]
I expect Beethoven will pass Wagner shortly -- I've got several piano concertos and sonatas on new CDs I need to absorb, and various other pieces I need to get around to getting eventually.

3. Tchaikovsky [9.8 hours]
This is probably about it for Tchaikovsky, too, for a while at least.

4. Haydn [9.2 hours]
I've got some more Haydn to absorb -- it's not that Haydn was more outstanding than a lot of composers I have less of, he was just incredibly prolific. He'll probably pass Tchaikovsky, although maybe not Wagner.

5. Schubert [7.5 hours]
Hard to say if I'll end up with much more Schubert or not. I don't think there's really any I'm looking for, so this might be the ceiling.

6. Brahms [7.4 hours]
Same for Brahms.

7. Mozart [7.2 hours]
Okay, this is a bit ridiculous, having Mozart all the way down here, but there's a lot of Mozart stuff I just hadn't gotten around to getting yet, and that'll be quickly rectified. A large reason is that every time I go shopping, when I look at symphonies and piano concertos and the like, I'm not entirely sure which ones I already have, or there are collections that have a couple I want, but also have a couple I already have.

8. Liszt [7 hours]
Will probably pass Brahms and Schubert, but that's about it.

9. Mahler [6.5 hours]
Will probably also pass Brahms and Schubert -- there is one more of his massive symphonies that I'm looking to get.

10. Bach [5.1 hours]
Okay, this one is also ridiculous. However, I've got a bunch of Bach in the pipeline, so Bach will probably end up catapulting into third or fourth place. I expect Beethoven will pass Wagner quite soon, and if Mozart doesn't soon, he will eventually. Bach might too.

So, for anybody that bothered to read this far, a list of my current favorite piano concertos in my library:

Beethoven - Piano Concerto No. 5
Grieg - Piano Concerto in A-minor
Mozart - Piano Concertos No. 20 and 22
Rachmaninoff - Piano Concerto No. 2
Saint-Saens - Piano Concerto No. 4
Shostakovich - Piano Concerto No. 2 (my overall favorite)
Tchaikovsky - Piano Concerto No. 1

Honorable mentions for Bartok's 3rd, Mozart's 21st, Saint-Saen's 2nd, and Schumann's in A-minor.
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Now playing: Bartok - Piano Concerto No. 3 - 3. Allegro Vivace
Dustybigmog on October 22nd, 2006 01:23 am (UTC)
Isn't classical music in the public domain and thus free?
Douglas Triggs: mozartdoubt72 on October 22nd, 2006 01:38 am (UTC)
The music itself is. (Usually, anyway -- some is modern enough that it isn't, but not a whole lot.) Of course, since I don't have my own orchestra to perform it, the point is moot, because --

The performances/recordings themselves, not so much.

Generally, free recordings are worth approximately as much as you paid for them.
asakiyume: O-jizo-samaasakiyume on October 22nd, 2006 10:04 am (UTC)
I love this post. I'm going to go get some of this classical music. Thanks!

I also love that user pic.

And, did you ever read Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency? Did I ask you that before? If so, sorry...