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iPod Stuff

So. Got the new car stereo, and it's good (I was worried about it not doing what I wanted when I first got it, but it turns out that it's just that the documentation is totally inadequate, it works just fine once I figured it out, in fact, it works almost exactly like I thought it should).

Actually it turns out to be really nice, because I can leave the MP3 CD in the deck with my language stuff on it, and when I want to listen to music, I just plug in the iPod. And don't lose my place in the language lesson or anything when I switch back. Nice.

But... Still feeling the siren call of the new iPod. Black. 80GB. Enough space to hold all my music for years and years. And I've sorta decided what to engrave on it:

Doug's iPod II
(now with 300% more bits)

...Maybe. Thought about putting something besides bits on there, but the definition of Planck space didn't fit so well, even if I could have gotten the special characters on there. Or the equation for entropy or something. Anyway.

But, still haven't ordered it yet.

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