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So, went to the opening of the Colorado Symphony Orchestra today. It was good, fun was had. Dusty and Anne-Marie also attended, and seemed to have fun as well.

So... What did they play? The lineup was decent, but not overwhelmingly super-mondo-excellent.

Daniel Kellogg - Refracted Skies: this was the premiere, and, well, it was very modern. Weird to see something written by somebody four years younger than me. Well, whatever.

Sergei Rachmaninoff - Piano Concerto No. 2: kind of an old stand-by, I guess. I know I've seen it live more than once (not exactly sure how many times, maybe twice?) I'm also not sure it isn't the only piano concerto I've seen performed (the vast majority of concerts I've seen were Kansas City Civic Orchestra, and they didn't do piano concertos all that often that I recall). Excellent performance, good piece, although not really my favorite (I'd have to think for a bit on favorite piano concertos -- for some reason, I can't really think of that many that stand out). I'd love to see somebody do Shastakovich's second.

Maurice Ravel - Daphnis et Chloe (Suite No. 2): eh. Not really a fan of Ravel (although his arrangement of Modest Mussorgsky's Pictures At An Exhibition is really good, I don't like his original stuff much).

Emmanuel Chabrier - España: nice short reasonaly dramatic piece to end on.

Anyway, already got ticks for the Sept 29th show for Tchaikovsky's Sixth Symphony (good stuff, seen this one live before, too), Prokofiev Piano Concerto No. 2 (don't know a thing about it, I've only heard his third -- actually, that came up in the rotation right now -- I guess I'm expecting something jarringly modern), and Liadov, The Enchanted Lake (don't know a thing about it). A very Russian night, which I suppose I'm generally in favor of.

[...Sorta interested in the Mendelssohn concert on the 6th of next month too (didn't know he'd done an orchestral arrangement for his octet, but leaving out the Hebrides Overture is slightly odd, since it's his best known). The 13th is Grieg's (only) piano concerto and Peer Gynt Suite (woo, that'd be awesome with the chorus), and Berlioz' Roman Carnival Overture -- more interested in that concert, for the Grieg. Not so interested in the Brahms/Schumann concert on the 20th, but the concert on the 27th would be great (Berlioz Symphony Fantastique, Mussorgsky's Night On Bald Mountain, Golijov's Dreams and Prayers of Isaac the Blind -- I know nothing of the last peice, but the others, whee!)...]

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