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Went to Apple store. Massaged various pieces of hardware, including the (rather upgraded) Mac Pro with the 30" cinema display, the new MacBooks and MacBook Pros, and the astoundingly large 24" iMac. Ah, to have $10k lying around for a 17" MacBook Pro, decent Mac Pro, and 30" Cinema display -- the 24" iMac, while impressive, is still butt-ugly.

Didn't buy a Mac.

Went over to iPod display, where they had the new 8GB Nano (I massaged it briefly -- it's cool, but not something I particularly have a use for, I must admit). They didn't, however, have the new shuffle, nor did they have the new iPods. In fact, they were kind of stupid, advertising the 60GB iPods at $399, when you can get a new 80GB for $349 online already.

Didn't buy an iPod.

Went to the car stereo store, checked out the unit I posted about before.

Did, in fact, buy new car stereo. Also, played stuff off my iPod briefly, so I know it works. Still, using the MP3 CD with the language stuff on it for the time being.

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