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Hanging Lake

Relatively short hike (1.2 miles, approx. 1000ft vertical), long scenic drive.

Hanging Lake is one of the hikes out of Glenwood Canyon, and probably the best of the lot (couldn't say for sure, not having done the others, but it's the "famous" one). It's a pretty darned steep hike up the side of the canyon, and it was a really hot day (although probably not quite as hot as Denver was today). By the time we got to the top, I was a ball of sweat, and actually feeling a bit light-headed from the heat and exertion. So, it was double-plus-good that there was a nice, cool waterfall to play around in. Of course, it's a long drive out there, and a slow drive back (the traffic would have made your average skiier proud), made longer by a stop at the Backcountry Brewery. But, it was all good.

Here the three of us are, up top at the lake itself:

This was a waterfall up above the lake:

And behind the waterfall:

Looking down the gorge from up near the top:

The stream from partway down the gorge:

Glenwood Canyon and the Colorado River:

The best part of the trip:

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