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Life Goes On

Twelve hours of sleep last night -- but I needed it. Today I'll be catching up on work stuff, email, maybe even LJ. Maybe. Still kinda beat. Cold's starting to break, but I imagine it'll be lingering on for the next few days so as to annoy me.

I think my new(er) engine gets better gas milage than the old one. I never could have made it from Denver all the way to Colby with gas to spare before, even driving optimized more for gas mileage than speed. Or maybe it's the higher-octane gas; I used to always buy the cheap stuff, now I always buy the better stuff. I think that changed since I used to drive to KC all the time for cons and such, sometime during the down years. Either way, I got about 32MPG going uphill (with intermittent air conditioning) from Russell to Limon, and I don't think I got much better than 24-25 before under the same load back in the day. Got to Kansas City on about 20 gallons going the other way with the AC blasting. Not sure what that comes out to (somewhere in the 30MPG range), but it feels a lot higher than before, too.

I need to get shampoo and laundry detergent.

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