Douglas Triggs (doubt72) wrote,
Douglas Triggs

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Back, Soon To Be Gone Again

I still hate flying, but I suppose I was in a less positive mood this time around which can't help but make it worse. Not sure how you can freeze to death on one flight and be boiled in your own juices the next, but there it is.

I suppose I'm in a foul mood now. Tired. Cranky. Unhappy, probably depressed. Lonely. And definitely stressed as I'm soon to leave for Kansas City for what I can guarantee will be a week of hell. I didn't enjoy the wedding as such as much as I might have, mostly due to general circumstance, although there are people I was hoping to see longer. And, well, a Quaker wedding leaves far too much time for reflection, which is better for purely happy times. Rice and Team USA were disappointing, too, but those are more minor things. Still, would rather have had at least something positive to take away there.

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