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Lots of calls, IM, and so forth with my brother and a couple of other people. Given how spread out we are, information is flowing in the semi-chaotic fashion you might expect. But it still doesn't amount to much.

The police came by the house where dad was staying (helping a family friend who'd recently had a heart attack, which was a large part of the reason he'd returned from Europe) and took fingerprints today in hopes of matching them to the partial they already have. Maybe things will be definitive by tomorrow. Otherwise, things have slowed down, since we're probably not going to have the memorial service until July. We definitely won't have it the last weekend of this month, since that's my brother's birthday, and sooner probably just isn't practical, all things considered.

So, I guess I'm still going to see that Astros game come the 22nd. And a long-time friend get married the Saturday after that.

I honestly don't know if I'm going to Kansas City soon or not. I suppose it all depends if there's anything I need to be there for.

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