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CWS Super-Regionals

Okay, all of the regionals have worked themselves out.

Rice (#1, 53-10) is hosting Oklahoma (#17, 44-20) starting on Saturday. I'm still feeling good about this, since not only does Rice have that number one ranking, they've now won 13 straight, and 35 of their last 37, so they're on a roll at exactly the right time.

Other matchups that might be of interest to other people reading this:

Georgia Tech (#10, 48-16) is hosting College of Charleston (#24, 46-15) starting on Friday, and
Oregon State (#5, 42-14) is hosting Stanford (NR, 33-25) starting on Saturday.

(More on Stanford: the last time Stanford won the CWS was in 1988 -- and 1987 -- but they were also the runner-up in 2000, 2001, and 2003 when Rice won its one and only championship.)

And the odd one:

Clemson (#3, 50-14) is hosting Oral Roberts (NR, 41-14) starting on Friday.

Interestingly enough, Oregon State is the only school left that made it to the CWS last year (the defending champion, Texas, has already been eliminated -- and was the highest ranked school to bow out in the regionals at #4. The other top-ten team that got knocked out at home was Nebraska at #9). This is the first time Oral Roberts (and Oklahoma, Missouri, and College of Charleston) have ever advanced this far. Or at least that's what the AP says, but I know they're wrong there, because Oklahoma is a past champion (nor does Stanford's mascot contain an 's'). So who knows if the others are right (although technically that might be right in that they've never been in the super-regionals before, but that's misleading, since the current system only dates back a decade or two).

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