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Working today... Kinda making up for the extra-long weekend last week, kinda working on stuff I should maybe have finished by Friday but didn't due to various things turning out not to be as easy as they should have been -- amazing how the stuff you expect to be quick before you code it sometimes isn't, and usually for the stupidest reasons, and how other things can suck you in and end up "just needing a little more polish." But never mind all that -- suffice it to say I was getting a little frustrated today, so a break was in order. And I got to thinking about languages. Studying them, specifically.

At any rate, 僕の日本語はまだ。。。あまり上手じゃありませんから, I've been getting a little frustrated with the 日本語. It's largely my fault, since I've barely been studying, and I can work on that. But. I really think I need a tutor to make real progress at this point -- I need to really use it, and use it a lot. I suppose 会話 is good and all (even if I don't often get a whole lot out of it, at least it's motivation). So, I plan to start putting (at least) half-an-hour a day (maybe before I go to bed or something, I've been going to bed sooo early lately, and not exactly getting up at the crack of dawn, either. Too much sleep... Well, honestly, I function a little better on slightly less sleep, even if I'm extra-cranky in the mornings that way).

Another part of that is that I'm picking up with the tutoring again in Deutsch this week after a hiatus of several years. And as part of that, I'm thinking about picking up a full set of Pimsleur CDs for that (which would put me back $600 should I go through with it, although I can recover a fair amount of that unloading the CDs on EBay or something when I'm done). The Japanese set has helped a lot (and would help a lot more if I got back to consistently using them, considering I bulled my way about half-way through them before I started backsliding six months ago or so). She also tutors Spanish, so I've been idly thinking about picking that up, too, but I want to see how the rest goes, first.

And maybe Chinese classes come fall (maybe even Korean for the hat trick)... I suppose it's something I'd like to get back to being semi-obsessive about, since it's what I want to do, long-term. Ah, well.

Anyway, back to cursing at the f*cking program that keeps giving me an error that makes absolutely no sense.

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