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Because I was a lazy bastard, I didn't make my reservation for the con this weekend until today (also, because I hadn't quite worked out when I was showing up, etc.) Which was kind of stupid, because now I'm on the hook for an extra $84 (plus tax, call it $100) because the hotel wouldn't give me the con rate anymore. Bastids.

All things considered, if the trip ends up costing much under $800 -- including gas, food, and various other incidental expenses -- it'll be a miracle, and we're just talking going to Kansas City and the (bulk of) five days. Ah, well, that was always the appeal of ConQuesT... Leaving aside the all-important aspect of seeing friends, it's a nice, casual, drawn-out sort of affair, and (sort of) in my back yard.

So, I'll be arriving late on Thursday night (not sure how late, really -- after dark, certainly. 8PM would probably be a little optimistic). Anything going on I should know about Thursday night or Friday during the day?

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