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Well, Anyway

Errands today. I now once again have a working vacuum cleaner (well, presuming it works when I take it out of the box). I also found another one of those rocking chair things. Score! Considering they were on clearance when I got the other one from Target (and it was the last one), I never thought I would, but I found some more when I was at a different Target today.

Among other things, I also got a pair of hiking pants (the kind with removable legs, perfect for fourteeners and the like -- any hike involving wildly changable conditions) to replace my old pair that's mostly worn out. Of course, they were a bit too small, but beyond putting faith in my ability to lose weight this summer, I suppose I probably won't be doing any fourteeners unless I succeed in that anyway... I'm carrying too much weight to make a fourteener anything other than abjectly painful right now. My knees would, say, rip one of my arms off and beat me over the head with it if I were to try.

Of course, before I was done shopping, I ended up getting distracted by a friend and happy hour and such things. I had too much fun, of course (free beer! On tap! It was a special occasion at the Rock Bottom), but I always feel a bit sad and/or lonely after such things. Because, well, we always have so much fun, but I hardly ever see her. I suppose I know my fair share of people in Colorado, but, well, I don't have as much fun with most of them -- my favorite people in the whole world, of course, remain my old college buddies, but it's very seldom that I see any of them. On the good side, I'll be back in Houston at the end of June, and I imagine we'll have hella fun then. Woo!

Anyway... I suppose I should get back to concentrating on work things. It's making me frustrated and crazy... But would you believe a good frustrated and crazy? Well, maybe.

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