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Mirror fixed, and really, not too expensive (it got cheaper when Ralph Schomp showed up with the right -- smaller -- mirror), which is good for the friend that knocked it off. Actually, had fun hanging out at the mechanic this morning, we had a spicy breakfast burrito eating contest, sort of... Family owned businesses are the best. Although I did suffer for the burrito. And last night. Too much spicy, system no likey (*sigh*, I'm getting old).

Anyway, watched an ep of Mythbusters on the DVR while eating din-din tonight (for the record, not too spicy). It occurs to me that this whole theory that I don't like redheads is complete BS, because I've decided that the redhead on Mythbusters is pretty cute. Plus, two words: Alyson Hannigan. So much for that theory. But really, there are two things that I tend to go for: exotic, and athletic. But really, when it comes right down to it, what I really go for is people that have something upstairs -- I like the smart (i.e., interesting) people, both as friends and, uh, you know.

Not that I have any sort of romantic interest at the moment, and really, that's okay. I've got my freedom, I've got a job I really like, I'm not worried about starving or next month's rent, and apparently I've got enough social interaction to keep me from going crazy with working at home and all. Basically, I'm happy and I've got no major worries. Which isn't to say having an SO wouldn't be nice, but it has drawbacks, too (unless, of course, they're some sort of perfect fantasy person, which of course don't exist -- so, moot point. I guess I wouldn't turn it down, though, push come to shove, sacrifices and all).

Ah, well. Apropos of nothing. Back to work.

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