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Done moving as of yesterday, cleaned the old place today (more or less -- it's not a cleaning job that would impress anybody, but it's not too embarrasing), only a couple loose ends to deal with tomorrow and that's it.

And man, did this all wear me out. Had several people come over to help me finish off the moving yesterday, and figured I'd get some work done after (since everything went rather quicker than I expected), but apparently I was tired after everything this week, because I crashed at about six PM, and that was it for Saturday. Splat.

So, now, working on actual work stuff with the TV on in the background (Mythbusters, they just finished showing the salami rocket episode -- it's a little more distracting than what I normally like to leave on in the background, like Fox Soccer Channel or something, but, well, need something to keep me awake today, too). A few things left there, and I'll be caught up with what I planned to finish this week. And will have to take the next week or two to unpack all the boxes and crap lying around the place right now -- but I intend to ignore the boxes completely for a couple days. And after that, housewarming party (figure two weeks from now, maybe.)

Still a bit sore, but recovering.

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